Our Activities

Vegetable production

Seed security project for small scale farmers

This project seeks to train the small scale farmers in seed production technologies so that they can be seed and income secure by selling the seeds locally to other farmers. The farmers are usually faced with lack of funds to purchase highly priced seeds for the crop production activities. Most of the seed available require fertilizers which is way too expensive for the resource poor small scale farmers. This project ensures that local breeds are promoted and produced with cheaper technologies.


Rural livelihoods support project (RLSP)

Rural livelihoods support project (RLSP) which builds capacities of 6000 small scale farmer households in various activities that aim at increasing productivity for income and food security, diversification or sustainability, value addition to harvested crops to maximize profits and increased nutritional values and to build their entrepreneurial capacities to promote market oriented rural enterprises.

safe water and sanitation

Community safe water supply and health education project

Community safe water supply and health education project (COSWASHE) for provision of 20 new boreholes, rehabilitation of 20 broken down borehole hand pumps and promoting safe sanitation where households will be trained in hygiene. A lot of households depend on the crocodile infested Zambezi river and shallow open wells for their water, this has led to high cases of diseases due to consumption of dirty water and high numbers of deaths due to crocodiles.


Child sponsorship educational project

This project promotes education for all by providing support to the orphans in form of school fees, books, pens/pencils and uniforms. The project seeks to support 500 children from primary up to tertiary levels. 70% of these are girls who forced out of school by lack of support due to death of parents, abuse and exploitation by other relatives, early pregnancies/marriages and or lack of support due to lack of household income for the surviving single parent/guardian.


Food Security for the Vulnerable Project (FSVP)

Food Security for the Vulnerable Project (FSVP) for the elderly headed households, child headed households, widows and terminally ill to broaden their resource base for income generation in activities such as vegetable production, to promote their access to appropriate and labour friendly technologies in food processing for household food security and to provide them with initial starter packs of seed and other inputs to make them independent earners.