“Hip pump makes a positive change”

2 November 2016
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2 November 2016, Comments: Comments Off on “Hip pump makes a positive change”

Abel Kaheke Kaheke a 42-year-old man of Sikosi village is a beneficiary of CRDF who recently bought a treadle pump from Kickstart to boost vegetable production. He has 2 Acres of land where he grows tomatoes, rape and cabbages. Mr Kaheke is married with 7 children, he has been able to send his children to school and manages to meet other cost at home through moneys gotten from gardening. His success story began with him watering his garden with a bucket, with funds from CRDF he managed to buy a Hip pump which he used for growing more tomatoes. He plans to buy a hummer mill from the money he gets from his garden which has now been expanded as he uses the recently bought treadle pump. Mr. Kahele aims at use the hummer mill to improve the family’s livelihood more. The products are sold at Sesheke market and other buyers within sesheke when they are ready. The family is blessed with 8 goats and 7 herds of cattle. When talked to Mr kahele had this to say “CRDF has rely changed my life, if not for them I would still be waterin my garden with a bucket and believe me you I wouldn’t be able to produce as much vegetables as I do now and my children wouldn’t be in school. I can’t thank the inform “ mulimu ami babalele” meaning God bless you.

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