“Winter cropping is the way to go”

2 November 2016
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2 November 2016, Comments: Comments Off on “Winter cropping is the way to go”

Mr Gibson Limbambala Namitala a 37-year-old man of Sikosi village is another beneficiary of CRDF, he has 1 and a half Acres maize and 1 and a half Acres of tomatoes. The maize is winter maize hence he uses the drip irrigation method to water both the grown crops. He uses a Diesel engine to draw water from the Zambezi river, this irrigation method has been going on for 2 years now and has been success as the crop rotation system is used. His success story began when he met CRDF in 2008, he only had to beds of tomatoes and a bed of winter maize which he managed to water with a watering can fetching his water from the zambezi river which is a bit far from his garden and crocodile infested. Mr Namitala has managed to have 3 Acres of crops now which when are ready he sales to the ready available market in Sesheke as well as in Namibia. “ Ni tumezi ahulu kwa ba CRDF kono ba ni tusize ahulu, ni kupa mulimu ami tuse ahulu” meaning I thank CRDF very much for all the help they have rendered to me, may God bless you.

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